Rules and conditions Onema Online

1- Commitment to the etiquette of conversation and dialogue and not insulting the Islamic religion or any of the other heavenly religions.

2- Refrain from insulting, harming, or defaming any person, or writing anything that contradicts officially recognized laws, or harming those in charge.

3- It is strictly prohibited to interfere in the affairs of the game’s administration, and the administration has full powers to delete, modify, or transfer any character and its contents, or to suspend any player’s membership without giving reasons.

4- Do not use a name that is inappropriate for your identity when registering or register with ambiguous letters or numbers.

5- Do not create problems between members, stir up strife, assault them, or disrespect them.

6- Not delving into political matters related to the government of countries and peoples and mocking a specific country and its president to avoid creating sensitivities among the affiliated members of the country in question.

7- Any account or character is the property of the Warriors and we have the right to dispose of it as we wish. We are not responsible for the loss or theft of any account or character.

8- The use of bot programs or any external programs that help in automatic play of characters is completely prohibited, and any use of such programs or tools of all kinds will result in the suspension of all player accounts in Onema Online permanently and forever. (This rule is now discontinued).

9- The player’s exploitation of any of the game’s features or loopholes in what the administration sees as cheating on the part of the player to give himself advantages he does not deserve at the expense of other server players will result in the suspension of all player characters in Onema Online permanently and forever.

10- All topics raised during the game chat are recorded, and if after examining them any violation is found, whether it is insulting the administration or one of the other members, or even writing any inappropriate word, even if it is for the purpose of joking, membership will be suspended permanently and forever.

11- Onema Online is a 100% free server, and everything the player pays to charge the wire is a donation from him to support the server and its continuation, and the donor cannot recover what he paid in the event that his items are lost or for any other reason.

12- The administration has the right to change these laws and conditions or any of the game’s policies and even close it if necessary without consulting the members.